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In 2015, I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee and then received doctor-ordered therapy at Colville Physical Therapy. Simply stated, the staff at Colville Physical Therapy is fantastic. From the ladies at the front desk, to Brian and Jon and all the support staff, the atmosphere is caring and focused on the patient's needs. At the first therapy session, after reviewing the surgery images, Brian explained what happened during the surgery and then outlined the exercises needed for recovery. In the following sessions, when the exercise therapy began, he was patient, encouraging and light-hearted in his approach. The professional expertise of the CPT staff enabled me to get my life back so I could once again garden, mow the yard, cut firewood, sleep through the night, hike, snowshoe, xc ski and exercise- all free from nagging, sometimes excruciating pain. 

Once therapy was completed, I paid a monthly fee to use the equipment daily at the CPT facility. Even when I was no longer a patient but exercising at the facility to stay in shape, the CPT staff was always available to answer any exercise or physical therapy questions. Would I recommend CPT to others? In a heartbeat...


I have been a patient with Colville Physical Therapy for almost 8 years.  I began when I had blood clots after a surgery and needed therapy on my shoulder.  Randy and the staff were amazing and helped me get my shoulder healed.  I have continued my therapy throughout the years and am now working with Brian.  The ladies at the front desk are always ready to help you with your appointments and billing questions.  My parents also enjoy their time working out with the staff. It feels like family every time we walk in, with the greetings from the front desk to individualized care (and laughs) during my appointment.  I will continue to choose Colville Physical Therapy for my and my family's needs.


Melanie Ford is a wonderful addition to the already great staff. She is very knowledgeable, intuitive and knows how to address each issue. I had ulnar nerve and carpal tunnel surgery, added to the RA and neuropathy I already had. A tear in the supraspinatus muscle caused a further challenge. Enter Melanie Ford, a blessing at the right time. 


Melanie was thorough and attentive to what my body needed to heal. She asked a lot of questions and paid close attention to what caused more pain. She is very encouraging and positive; she made sure I was moving my arm and hand correctly, doing the exercises correctly and helped me to relax my body to enhance my recovery. 


All the staff has a beautiful, loving and caring attitude from the minute you walk through the door, making recovery easier. I would highly recommend Melanie and CPT. 


My first association with Colville Physical Therapy was in December 2010 after I had a complete knee replacement. Randy Lindsey was my therapist and the treatment I received was very professional and courteous. There was a small problem with my range of motion that he handled in a strong but successful manner. Now fast forward to December of 2017 my right knee needs work, therefore I came back for the necessay therapy before and after replacement. The treatments that I have received at Colville Physical Therapy have been very professional and the entire staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and encouraging. They have shown they genuinely care about my success. 

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